Ken Hall Books

Christmas Stories

When Katherine tip-toed downstairs to see if Santa had left any presents little did she know of the surprise that was waiting for her when she opened her living room door.

Katherine knew that she could not go downstairs early on Christmas morning, but she just could not resist.

“Hi children, it’s me, Santa, and I’m here again!  It’s Christmas time and I hope you enjoy the Christmas presents that I am going to leave for you.  But, you know children, my rickety old boneshaker is about worn out now (my sleigh I mean).  It has been carrying your toys for a lot of years now.  I think it is about time I bought myself a new one, don’t you?  Poor old Rudolf, he’s a canny reindeer isn’t he, but like me he has been doing Christmas Eve run now for more years than I can remember. His legs, like mine, are worn out.  I wonder if you have ever seen him galloping across the rooftops on Christmas Eve!  I hope so.”

The Fairy Palace in Bluebell Wood was full of excitement because the Fairy Queen with seven of fairies and King Elf with seven of his elves were about to embark on there annual trip to Santaland.  Here they help Santa make all the toys that the children everywhere had ordered so that he could deliver them be Christmas eve.