Ken Hall Books


Ken has portrayed the bravery, cunning and ingenuity of a young twenty year old English student called Charlotte Brownlee.  When she graduated with honours at the age of eighteen in 1937 from the girl’s High School in Elsden, a small village in Somerset, England, she was pleased to accept a place reading Physics and German language at Hamburg University.

After enjoying two happy years there, she becomes trapped in Germany at the beginning of World War Two in 1939.  Unheeding the warnings to leave Germany before the war started she was unable to escape back to England, and seeks refuge in the American Embassy in Berlin. With her invaluable knowledge of Germany and fluent use of the German language the British War Office, with the help of American Ambassador Colonel Leski, persuade her to become a secret agent and spy for Britain.

The author relives vividly her adventurous life using several identities, as she endeavours to keep one step ahead of the German Gestapo in her attempt to gain valuable information for her country, knowing all the time the risk of being tortured and shot if she were caught.

I feel sure that readers will enjoy reading this exciting story of bravery, courage and adventure endured by this young English Rose pitting her wits against the might of Germany for her country.

Ken has portrayed what life would be like living in twelfth century England.  Starting in modern times in the year 1901, two children Willie, Kate and their little dog Patch, unearth an ancient sword and shield buried by the bank of the river Brock that runs by their village in the Yorkshire Dales.  

Readers are then transported back in time to medieval England as the author unfolds the mystery that lies behind the sword and the shield and why they were buried there.  A story of tender love and loyalty between two children, Godfrey and Katherine, as they grow up together in medieval times in a castle in Yorkshire. At the age of sixteen each has to embark upon their own quest, to prove themselves worthy of the life that lies ahead.  Godfrey to become a Knight of the Realm and the battles for King and Country that he has to endure to do so. Katherine to become a Lady in waiting at York Castle to prove herself worthy to take her place in society where she belongs, the balls, the banquets and the clamouring bachelor Knights vying for the attention of this beautiful Yorkshire Rose.

An exciting story of bravery, loyalty and adventure.